Mr. Gold is a short documentary about Jose Melendez, a street corner promotions man for a jewelry store in Orlando, FL. A 21-time felon who spent 11 years in prison and appeared on the Maury show twice for paternity tests, he uses his job to bring joy to those passing by while also yearning to help people like him.

‘Imagine a country where people have ownership of their resources, ownership of their beliefs and cultures, and are willing to grow and create a country where they’re inclusive and filled with different opportunities.’ This film was created for the Center of Creative Leadership


'The greatest thing we can do for our community is to build up the people instead of building a great worship hall.' This film was created for the Tearfund UK.

Mike Graves races. He always has because it's in his blood. The funny thing is he races lawn mowers. The Avon Park Mower-Plex in Avon Park, FL was founded in 2002 as the first track solely built for lawn mower racing in the nation. Mike has been a regular for years. For him racing is about the thrill and he certainly won't let his cerebral palsy slow him down. As his father would say, "Win, lose or draw, if you bring your mower home in one piece it's a good night of racing." Adrenaline isn't the only thing fueling his love of the sport. Racing is a family affair for Mike and the memory of his father drives him to be the best. See more @ Brian Carlson - Director, DP, Producer James Spradlin - Creative Director, Producer Joshua McWilliams - Editor Matthew Hutchens - Steadicam Operator Andre Bohrer - Camera Operator Michael Forrest - Art Director Music by North Mississippi Allstars